We are at the end of the second decade of the 21st century. It is a purely digital age. Gadgets are ruling human lives. Machines are making decisions and propelling industries. Everything has changed and will change more for good. In the last century, mere visiting cards would be suffice or if you had better budget, listing in business directory would be your next target. Maximum businesses had a premium place in such bulky books. That era of yellow pages, etc. is long gone. Business directory, telephone directories are things of the past. When the internet came around 90's everything changed. The music industry changed, glamour industry took a new leap and so on so forth with other domains as well.

These days you will hardly find anything in such biz listing. So time demands that you must have a website now. There are only pros for it no cons. Lets see few strong reasons for having a website.

It is a digital age

Everything is easily accessible in cyber era at the click of the button. It would be a great loss for you if you are left behind in the digital revolution, whereas your competitors make good profit even with substandard services or products.

It is cheap

Trust this when it is said that owning a website is much cheaper than having multiple promotional printed stuff like brochures, banners, etc. all you need to do is to buy a domain, a good hosting partner, and a good website development company. It is an investment once a year, which will keep your revenue up.

You can update your information any time

With a little bit of technical knowledge of CMS, you can add, edit or delete any part of the website, keeping afresh for visitors.

Social media promotion is the sure shot 

Apart from having a solid website, you can do free of cost social media promotion on Facebook, instagram etc. through such step you will reach to potential customers and interested one will reach to you through searching. It is a great way to add value to one's product rich in potential user base.