Magento has had an illustrious past to showcase its usability and capacity to deliver what it promised. Since its birth, the traditional approach towards creating e-commerce stores in PHP, python or Java changed dramatically. Developers no longer hard code complex lines and syntaxes. Magento changed the whole picture at its inception. However, as time went by, other e-commerce platforms arrived on scene and filled the gaps left by Magento.
No doubt Magento is terrific when it comes to the storage platform development, however, it is far from perfect and in this article we shall delve into this topic from a web designer's point of view.

Magento is slow

It is true that the current version of Magento is too huge for a shared server. Shared resources shabbily handle Magento operations. For example, if RAM is below 1gb then working in a band is a nightmare. Even a simple product upload would take at least 10 minutes to complete. In case you have 10 products to upload urgently then you will face the hellish time.

Magento is incomplete without external add-ons

Lets' face it. Magento in its native form lacks much desired functionality. One has to have extra plugins to make it work. For example, for Indian e-store you need to have GST plugins which are quite costly and require expert technical support. Often you will have a tough time in finding relevant plug-in in Magento marketplace.
Installing them are also a tricky part on a shared server. Most often during installation, you will have dependency issues. Even the Magento forums and helping sites are not able to help much as each time issue is unique and never tackled before. So if you not an ace developer or cannot afford technical support then avoid Magento.

Too many options

Magento is not plug and play type. To make it work at least a basic operation you will have to set many options and configure it to run properly. It takes patience and cost money too. The sample data is quite irksome as it creates confusion for a new user of Magento.


Avoid Magento if you can or your client has specifics for Magento. Better look for other alternatives so that you could divest your time in making things work faster and better from sales point of view.