Today we will demonstrate how to display only India and her respective states on the Magento store front-end. The current version of Magento has made it super easy to achieve this task, unlike previous versions where users had to wear a developer's cap and tweak database tables through phpmyadmin and scary SQL queries which often resulted in error as one solution does not fit on every control panel.

Here lets take a quick look on how doing this.

Step 1: Login into your mangeto backend panel. Navigate to (a). stores > (b). configuration. Follow the pic given below.

screen 1

 Step 2: On the configuration page, Navigate to (c). General > Go to default country, > (d). Uncheck the check box and select India (or any country of your choice) > (e). Allow countries, select "India".

screen 2


Then after you have only India as the default country on your store front-end and rest of the extra countries will disappear and likewise in state field only India states will appear.

You can write to us if you face tough time by following these steps.