We are at the end of the second decade of the 21st century. It is a purely digital age. Gadgets are ruling human lives. Machines are making decisions and propelling industries. Everything has changed and will change more for good. In the last century, mere visiting cards would be suffice or if you had better budget, listing in business directory would be your next target. Maximum businesses had a premium place in such bulky books. That era of yellow pages, etc. is long gone. Business directory, telephone directories are things of the past. When the internet came around 90's everything changed. The music industry changed, glamour industry took a new leap and so on so forth with other domains as well.

Magento has had an illustrious past to showcase its usability and capacity to deliver what it promised. Since its birth, the traditional approach towards creating e-commerce stores in PHP, python or Java changed dramatically. Developers no longer hard code complex lines and syntaxes. Magento changed the whole picture at its inception. However, as time went by, other e-commerce platforms arrived on scene and filled the gaps left by Magento.
No doubt Magento is terrific when it comes to the storage platform development, however, it is far from perfect and in this article we shall delve into this topic from a web designer's point of view.

Today we will demonstrate how to display only India and her respective states on the Magento store front-end. The current version of Magento has made it super easy to achieve this task, unlike previous versions where users had to wear a developer's cap and tweak database tables through phpmyadmin and scary SQL queries which often resulted in error as one solution does not fit on every control panel.